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  • Feb 6

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Ben Earl

A fantastic evening for Medway Magical Society, we were lucky enough to host the legendary Ben Earl for a lecture. This was one of the most highly attended and anticipated lectures of this year; bringing people from far and wide. What a great lecture, he touched briefly on his neo movement psycology, and alongside this showed effects and how this played out amongst them. This lecture definitely made people think about the way you preform magic, as well as sharing some great effects that I’m sure a lot of the attendees will be trying out, if not adding into their repetoires. This was truly a wonderful evening.

Neil Colley,
Vice President



The Society was approached by a non-member and asked if it would be willing to sell off some magical effects that he had. This it agreed to do, and it was arranged that the proceeds of the sale would be split equally between the Society and the owner. The Committee took the effects and prepared a list of 100 lots, which was posted on the website in advance of the sale. A wide variety of items were offered including a number of books, a couple of home-made floating tables, a fire-eating kit and various miscellaneous effects. In spite of a relatively small turnout, bidding was brisk and enthusiastic on many items. Not all were sold, but a reasonable profit was made and this was spit as had been agreed.


Visit from the Bexley Magic Society

Five Members of the Bexley Society made the trek down the A2 to Chatham and provided an evening of entertainment for the MMS. This was a great opportunity to view different performing styles and a variety of effects. Among those performing was MMS Honorary Member Terry Herbert.

All present agreed that this was a great evening. A return visit is planned, and it is to be hoped that exchange viists like this will become a regular feature of the programme.

Thanks to all who performed, and particularly to Jason Deverell who organised the event for Bexley and acted as MC.


Stand Up Competition 2017

There were five entrants in this year's competition, with a variety of different styles. The winner was Gary Bowes-Read.

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Kaymar Magic

Liam MontierLiam Montier made a return visit to the Society and, once again, presented a number of effects that were practical, effective and essentially slight-free. Many used a borrowed, shuffled deck. Magic that could be done by all, presented in an entertaining and easy to follow style. He offered a number of DVDs and recently released effects for sale at the end of the meeting at excellent prices, and sales were brisks. Another lecturer marked for an early return visit.


Video Evening

An opportunity to view performances by a number of the great magicians, and one who may well be great in the future. Those in attendance watched and discussed a total of 13 videos selected by Members. Included were some real classics, such as Harry Blackstone Jr's Buzz Saw Illusion, which predates the Copperfield version and is considered by some to be much better if not as spectacular, Marc Paul performances of the Bergalss Efffect, two of Paull Daniels best known stage effects: chop cup and electric chairs, Pat Page doing three basic effects, David Williamson with Rocky Racoon, and Wayne Dobson at the Royal Variety show. The general consensus was that there was an important lesson to be learned: you do not need a lot of expensive props in order to be very entertaining!


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The Society's regular meetings are held at the St George Hotel, Chatham on the first and third Tuesday of each month, with some exceptions, commencing at 20:00. Admission to most meetings is restricted; however, some meetings are open to non-magicians (marked 'OPEN' in the list of events). Members of other bona fide magic societies are generally welcome at meetings - please contact a member of the Committee for an invitation.

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